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A couple in matching yukata, as might be given to them by a ryokan (hot springs resort).

Yukata are simple cotton kimono, of the lowest level of formality. It is suitable for wearing around the house, while at hot springs, and is especially suited to wearing to summer festivals. Women wear it with a narrow, thin obi called a Hanhaba Obi. In recent years, Yukata have become very popular amongst young people who use its comfort and informality as a gateway to trying unique styles, tying obi in new ways, and accessorizing.

Traditionally, Yukata were indigo-dyed, but modern coloring techniques have lead to a wide variety of colors and patterns. As with most wafuku, young women and children tend to wear bright and bold patterns, while older women wear more subdued colors and patterns, and men wear almost exclusively dark colors. In the field of Yukata, however, many men feel the freedom to wear more striking prints than they would otherwise, because it is not as 'serious' a garment to wear.

The typical Yukata will be worn with Hadajuban, Geta without Tabi socks, and a Kinchaku. If a fan is carried, a folding fan may be tucked into the front side of the obi, or an uchiwa fan may be carried by being tucked into the back of the obi.

Modern Stylings[]