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"1999-23000"? Wizards really wanted to hold onto their copyrights.

Over the years, many cards were printed with information that was unclear or incorrect. As a result, WotC released errata notes and additional rulings to clarify specific situations that may come up while playing. You are not expected to memorize every rule or correction; a copy of these will be kept on hand by our tournament organizers. However, we do suggest you look up cards that will be in your deck.

Card Errata[]

Base Set[]

Jungle Set[]

Fossil Set[]

Mysterious Fossil - The reported errata for this card is not valid in the Pokemon Retro Tournament. In April of 2005, the PUI Rules Team judged that while in play, Mysterious Fossil (along with Claw Fossil and Root Fossil from EX Expansions) counted as both Pokemon and as Trainer Cards, even though the text clearly states "While in play, Mysterious Fossil counts as a Pokémon (instead of a Trainer card)". This decision was reached nearly six years after the English release of the card, and the alteration did not appear in print until the EX Legend Maker version in February of 2006. Because Mysterious Fossil is the only Fossil card valid in the Pokemon Retro Tournament, its original text ruling will be used.

Base Set 2[]

Team Rocket[]

Gym Heroes[]

Gym Challenge[]

Blaine's Charizard - This card was printed with a Fighting energy symbol on it instead of a Fire symbol, in the first attack [Roaring Flames], in the first sentence of the text. That is a misprint, it should have been a Fire energy symbol and the card should be played as if it was a fire symbol. This was confirmed on October 5th of 2000, via the WotC Chat Announcements.

Lt Surge's Electrode - Damage from Shock Blast will NOT trigger any Shock Blast Pokemon power (either its own, or a defending Lt. Surge's Electrode, or a Ditto functioning as Lt. Surge's Electrode). This was confirmed on May 3rd of 2001, via the WotC Chat Announcements.

Rocket's Minefield Gym - This card is missing the number 2 right before 'damage counters'. This was confirmed on October 5th of 2000, via the WotC Chat Announcements.

Legendary Collection[]

Mysterious Fossil - See above under Fossil.

Black Star Promos[]


These are additional rules across the board that were decided after significant real-world play testing.